[ mahr-juh-nl-ee ]
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  1. by a minimal, insignificant, or almost insufficient amount: This student routinely submits work of substandard or marginally acceptable quality.Pork exports in May were marginally higher compared with the previous year.

  2. at a barely adequate level: The shelter offers shower and laundry facilities for homeless and marginally housed adults.

  1. in the margin of a page: It is obvious that Jack London read these books, as they are marked, underlined, and marginally annotated.

  2. on the border of something: On the wings of butterflies, marginally located contrastive markings create false edges, helping to decrease detection by predators.

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Other words from marginally

  • su·per·mar·gin·al·ly, adverb
  • trans·mar·gin·al·ly, adverb
  • un·mar·gin·al·ly, adverb

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