[ mar-i-koh-puh ]


, plural Mar·i·co·pas, (especially collectively) Mar·i·co·pa
  1. a member of a North American Indian people of south-central Arizona.
  2. the Yuman language of the Maricopa.

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Example Sentences

Fann’s district consists mostly of Yavapai County, which nearly rivals Maricopa in land area but contains roughly a twentieth of the population.

Later, Republicans argued that Maricopa’s process for matching signatures on ballots sent by mail to those of registered voters kept on file had been weak.

In the 2018 election, only about 300 ballots in Maricopa were ultimately rejected for signature mismatch, while about 1,800 had no signature.

Hundreds of Democratic volunteers have been texting, calling and door-knocking since Election Day in Maricopa, where most of the state’s population lives, Slugocki said.

Arizona has fewer than 450,000 ballots left to process, which include about 275,000 early ballots from Maricopa.

But to many Latino kids in Maricopa County, Arpaio and his allies are the bad guys.

He predicted the downfall of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and other hardliners in the 2012 election.

Atencio is at least the 12th inmate to die under strange circumstances in the Maricopa County jail system.

This week a Maricopa County Superior Court jury in Phoenix came out with a confounding verdict.

Pearce credits himself for conceiving of Tent City, an alfresco jail complex that is one of several Maricopa County jails.

After marching all night and all of the next day, we approached the Maricopa Wells at about twelve o'clock on the second night.

The Maricopa was leaning over to him, muttering some words in an unknown tongue, and gesticulating with energy.

Let us first take it out,” replied the Maricopa, coming up; “we shall lose no time by that.

“There cannot be much water to keep flour-sellers alive on the trail to Maricopa,” chirped the bird on the ground.

In Maricopa my forms ran: name', wildcat; nam·e-t or nam·et xat-ekyulyk, mountain lion; xat-ekwily(k) or xat-ekuly, wolf.