[ muh-ree-nee; Italian mah-ree-nee ]
/ məˈri ni; Italian mɑˈri ni /


Giam·bat·tis·ta [jahm-baht-tees-tah] /ˌdʒɑm bɑtˈtis tɑ/.Also Ma·ri·no [muh-ree-noh; Italian mah-ree-naw] /məˈri noʊ; Italian mɑˈri nɔ/.il Cavalier Marino,1569–1625, Italian poet.
Ma·ri·no [muh-ree-noh; Italian mah-ree-naw] /məˈri noʊ; Italian mɑˈri nɔ/,1901–80, Italian sculptor and painter.


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