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noun, plural mar·khors, (especially collectively) mar·khor.
  1. a wild goat, Capra falconeri, of mountainous regions from Afghanistan to India, having compressed, spiral horns and long, shaggy hair: all populations are threatened or endangered.
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Also markhoor.

Origin of markhor

1865–70; < Persian mārkhōr literally, serpent-eater, equivalent to mār snake + -khōr eating; cf. manticore
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Historical Examples of markhor

  • He peopled the hills with anything they had a mind to slay—thar, ibex, or markhor, and bear by Elisha's allowance.


    Rudyard Kipling

  • There was a wooden verandah, the corners of which were ornamented with the horns of the markhor, or mountain goat.

  • Of wild animals the chief are the markhor (a goat) and the oorial (a sheep).

  • No animal's pursuit leads the sportsman over such dangerous ground as that of the markhor.

  • The markhor frequents steep and rocky ground above the forests in summer, but descending in the winter.

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markhoor (ˈmɑːkʊə)

noun plural -khors, -khor, -khoors or -khoor
  1. a large wild Himalayan goat, Capra falconeri, with a reddish-brown coat and large spiralled horns
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Word Origin for markhor

C19: from Persian, literally: snake-eater, from mār snake + -khōr eating
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