[ mahrl-bur-oh, -buhr-oh ]


, plural Marl·bor·os
  1. a city in E Massachusetts.
  2. (lowercase) a twisted, usually iced cruller, combining strands of plain and chocolate dough.

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Example Sentences

The name may sound like hyperbole, but, on a clear day, this view from Hogback Mountain in Marlboro truly does stretch on for dozens of miles.

Philip Morris International — best known for its Marlboro brand — sells cigarettes everywhere in the world except the United States.

It developed a vaping device called the IQOS — sold as Marlboro HeatSticks in the United States — that warms but does not burn tobacco.

Tony, sitting beside her, lights a Marlboro and nods his head.

To Yuan, the most surprising top brand is Marlboro, which checks in at No. 9.

The name, she says, implies Britishness, like Marlboro or Parliament, but more modern.

Belmokhtar earned the nickname “Marlboro Man” for his extensive tobacco smuggling.

Dice cracks a window so he can chain-smoke Marlboro Lights, using a glass of water as an ashtray.

No general of his time excelled him in the art of war, except his uncle, the duke of Marlboro'.

Hearing the news as he rode into town, he came booted and spurred to Marlboro' Street before going to his lodgings.

The first night we slept in a barn in East Hartford, and the second one in an old church in Marlboro.

If any letters came to Marlboro' Street from you, Mr. Carvel never dropped eyes on 'em.

The next morning, as I sat reflecting, an overwhelming desire seized me to go to Marlboro' Street.