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[mahr-keez; French mar-keez]
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noun, plural mar·quis·es [mahr-kee-ziz; French mar-keez] /mɑrˈki zɪz; French marˈkiz/.
  1. the wife or widow of a marquis.
  2. a lady holding the rank equal to that of a marquis.
  3. Jewelry.
    1. Also called marquise cut.a gem cut, especially for a diamond, yielding a low pointed oval with many facets, usually 58.
    2. a gem cut in this style, especially a diamond.Compare navette.
  4. (often used with a plural verb) British. marquee(def 3).
  5. Also called marquise chair. French Furniture. a wide bergère.
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Also British, marchioness (for defs 1, 2).

Origin of marquise

1700–10; < French; feminine of marquis
Can be confusedmarque marquee marquess marquis marquise
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  1. (in various countries) another word for marchioness
    1. a gemstone, esp a diamond, cut in a pointed oval shape and usually faceted
    2. a piece of jewellery, esp a ring, set with such a stone or with an oval cluster of stones
  2. another name for marquee (def. 2)
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Word Origin

C18: from French, feminine of marquis
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