/ ˌmærəˈkɛʃ; məˈrækɛʃ /


  1. a city in W central Morocco: several times capital of Morocco; tourist centre. Pop: 672 000 (2003)

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Example Sentences

In the morning the camels walked on, and all too soon we were in Marrakech, back in the world of speedy boarding.

The great moonlight flit from Marrakech to Tangier was in motion.

Morocco—because La Mamounia Hotel in Marrakech is the most romantic hotel in the world.

Like Marrakech itself, the actor added, "it's a very exciting, very sensual place."

In this fabulous place it was my good luck to be lodged while I was at Marrakech.

Dark, fierce and fanatical are these narrow souks of Marrakech.

Whoever would understand Marrakech must begin by mounting at sunset to the roof of the Bahia.

A long way ahead loomed the line of the Djebilets, the Djinn-haunted mountains guarding Marrakech on the north.

The Almoravid princes who founded Marrakech came from the black desert of Senegal; themselves were leaders of wild hordes.





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