marsh harrier


a European harrier, Circus aeruginosus, that frequents marshy regions
Also: marsh hawk US and Canadian a common harrier, Circus cyaneus, that flies over fields and marshes and nests in marshes and open landAlso called (in Britain and certain other countries): hen harrier

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Historical Examples of marsh harrier

  • The marsh-harrier notes the date and becomes a determined oologist.

    Unexplored Spain

    Abel Chapman

  • I felt the sweeping wind of a marsh-harrier who had found me too suddenly and was half a mile away ere I could get up to shoot.

    Unexplored Spain

    Abel Chapman

  • Occasionally, too, a marsh-harrier may be met with, but this is a rara avis even in these outlandish parts.

    A Cotswold Village

    J. Arthur Gibbs

  • Many of the young of the Marsh-Harrier are uniformly very dark, bronze-black, with rich orange crowns—strikingly handsome birds.