[ mahr-tnz ]


  1. Peter, born 1946, U.S. choreographer and ballet master, born in Denmark.

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Example Sentences

“We might see improvements in some states but not in others,” Martins says.

Martins returnsMidfielder Felipe Martins re-signed with United, agreeing to a one-year contract with a one-year option.

The finding by Martins’ team is a step toward improving that tool, says Vanessa Pirotta.

Humpbacks that routinely inhale seawater might also take in toxic pollutants, such as oil, Martins now worries.

Martins hopes to build on her team’s new research by examining how and why seawater entry occurs and how it varies across whale species.

Costa was to prove himself equally boorish when, ten minutes into the second-half, he headbutted Martins Indi, a Dutch midfielder.

To fill demand, the Martins collaborated with baker John Gendusa who developed a 40-inch loaf of French bread to reduce waste.

To show their solidarity with the strikers, the Martins gave their union brothers free sandwiches.

Today, fashion students from Saint Martins still head to clubs, now in artsy Dalston and Shoreditch, decked in their own designs.

A graduate of Central Saint Martins, Kane drew industry-wide acclaim just out of college with an imaginative senior collection.

Overhead fly sand-martins, brown-headed gulls, common terns and white-tailed eagles.

M. Charles Martins classes the Oases of the Sahara under three heads, corresponding to his three sub-regions.

The sand-martins breed from October to May, consequently their nests, containing eggs or young, are frequently taken in March.

A few house-martins begin to appear about the 16th April; usually some few days later than the swallow.

House-martins are distinguished from their congeners by having their legs covered with soft downy feathers down to their toes.