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[mahr-vuh l]
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  1. something that causes wonder, admiration, or astonishment; a wonderful thing; a wonder or prodigy: The new bridge is an engineering marvel.
  2. Archaic. the feeling of wonder; astonishment.
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verb (used with object), mar·veled, mar·vel·ing or (especially British) mar·velled, mar·vel·ling.
  1. to wonder at (usually followed by a clause as object): I marvel that you were able to succeed against such odds.
  2. to wonder or be curious about (usually followed by a clause as object): A child marvels that the stars can be.
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verb (used without object), mar·veled, mar·vel·ing or (especially British) mar·velled, mar·vel·ling.
  1. to be filled with wonder, admiration, or astonishment, as at something surprising or extraordinary: I marvel at your courage.
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Origin of marvel

1250–1300; Middle English mervel < Old French merveil(l)e < Late Latin mīrābilia marvels, noun use of neuter plural of Latin mīrābilis marvelous. See admirable
Related formsmar·vel·ment, noun
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Historical Examples

  • I marvel at the sense of duty, the resignation, the sacrifice.

    Ballads of a Bohemian

    Robert W. Service

  • But don't you marvel at me too much, for I'm a very good sort of fellow when you know me.

    Weighed and Wanting

    George MacDonald

  • But that's that braggart, major Marvel—and a marvel he is, I can tell you!

    Weighed and Wanting

    George MacDonald

  • The bed was a marvel of pink and white drapery; so was the dressing-bureau.

  • "Nor can I marvel at that," said she, with a little tinkling laugh.

    The White Company

    Arthur Conan Doyle

British Dictionary definitions for marvel


verb -vels, -velling or -velled or US -vels, -veling or -veled
  1. (when intr, often foll by at or about; when tr, takes a clause as object) to be filled with surprise or wonder
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  1. something that causes wonder
  2. archaic astonishment
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Word Origin

C13: from Old French merveille, from Late Latin mīrābilia, from Latin mīrābilis, from mīrārī to wonder at
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Word Origin and History for marvel


c.1300, "miracle," also "wonderful story or legend," from Old French merveille "a wonder, surprise, miracle," from Vulgar Latin *miribilia (also source of Spanish maravilla, Portuguese maravilha, Italian maraviglia), altered from Latin mirabilia "wonderful things," from neuter plural of mirabilis "wonderful, marvelous, extraordinary; strange, singular," from mirari "to wonder at," from mirus "wonderful" (see smile). A neuter plural treated in Vulgar Latin as a feminine singular. Related: Marvels.

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c.1300, "to be filled with wonder," from Old French merveillier "to wonder at, be astonished," from merveille (see marvel (n.)). Related: Marveled; marveling.

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