[ mey-zer ]
/ ˈmeɪ zər /
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a device for amplifying electromagnetic waves by stimulated emission of radiation.



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Compare laser.

Origin of maser

1950–55; m(icrowave)a(mplification by)s(timulated)e(mission of) r(adiation)
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  • "Don't try and buff me, dinAlt," the maser barrel pushed harder against his back.

    The Ethical Engineer|Henry Maxwell Dempsey
  • Rhazes quoted Maser Djawah freely and evidently trusted his declarations implicitly.

  • The mazer-bowls were made from maple-wood, so named from the German Maser, a spotted wood.

    Cups and their Customs|George Edwin Roberts
  • The large, flanged mouth of the maser-projector ground into the small of his back.

    The Ethical Engineer|Henry Maxwell Dempsey

British Dictionary definitions for maser

/ (ˈmeɪzə) /


a device for amplifying microwaves, working on the same principle as a laser
C20: m (icrowave) a (mplification by) s (timulated) e (mission of) r (adiation)
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Scientific definitions for maser

[ māzər ]

Short for microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. A device that generates coherent microwaves using the same principles as a laser. Masers are used in a variety of applications, including in atomic clocks. Natural masers are found in outer space when water or other substances are excited by radiation from a star or by the energy of a collision.
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