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/ ˈmæsɪz /

plural noun

  1. the masses
    the masses the body of common people
  2. informal.
    often foll by of great numbers or quantities

    masses of food

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Example Sentences

In a culture that worships celebrities while pretending to disdain them, the Sony emails are catnip for the masses.

Under the Sun King, such humor—and the laughter associated with it—was seen as more suitable for the masses.

Today, the iconic name shepherds the masses to galleries and museums the world over.

It was one of five separate Masses, including in Spanish, English, Haitian-Creole, and Italian.

Sanger felt, to the contrary, that it was the nonacademic masses who tended to be annoying.

These globular masses usually contain many tubercle bacilli.

Irregular spurts of musketry heralded the appearance of confused masses of armed men.

A band of limestone also occurs at Templeton containing masses of a light-coloured translucent serpentine.

Rounded scybalous masses are common in habitual constipation, and indicate atony of the muscular coat of the intestine.

Generally, the ends are rounded and the striations faint, or only irregularly round or oval yellow masses are found.


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