[ mat-uh-mawr-uhs, -mohr-; Spanish mah-tah-maw-raws ]


  1. a seaport in NE Mexico, on the Rio Grande opposite Brownsville, Texas.


/ mataˈmorɔs; ˌmætəˈmɔːrəs /


  1. a port in NE Mexico, on the Río Grande: scene of bitter fighting during the US-Mexican War; centre of a cotton-growing area. Pop: 481 000 (2005 est)

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Example Sentences

Charlene D’Cruz, an attorney with Lawyers for Good Government who works on MPP cases in the Rio Grande Valley, said the conditions in the Matamoros camp were on par with some of the worst refugee settlements she had witnessed in Greece.

Cruz, who was returned to Matamoros under the MPP program in 2019, said she pleaded her case to an immigration judge.

The tents that had cluttered the Matamoros riverbank across from Brownsville, the southernmost point of the border between Texas and Mexico, were gone.

Natasha had lived in a migrant camp near the Gateway International Bridge over the Rio Grande that connects Matamoros and Brownsville for 11 months until she moved into the Rainbow Bridge Asylum Seekers shelter last November.

The Blade in January reported from the Rio Grande Valley and Matamoros.

Raquel lives in a modest brick house in Progreso, Texas, a border town less than 40 miles from Matamoros.

The mayor and Biasi are a popular topic of gossip in Matamoros.

The public debut of the Hercules Group is a day that not many in Matamoros are likely to forget.

The worst kept secret in Matamoros is that Biasi and Mayor Salazar are more than colleagues.

This place is approximately 89½ miles south, and 10 miles west, of Matamoros, Mexico.

No difference was detected between specimens from the two sides of the tidal inlet 89 miles south of Matamoros.

On the following day, I marched him off into the dense chaparral, on the bottom lands near Matamoros.

We found that Captain Swift with the convalescents from Matamoros on another vessel, had arrived before us.

Captain Swift was still very sick; to all appearance more feeble than when we left him at Matamoros.


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