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  1. Cotton, 1663–1728, American clergyman and author.
  2. his father In·crease [in, -krees], 1639–1723, American clergyman and author.

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Example Sentences

Mather, who will lead the team that will select the winner, said tapping into the public’s ideas could help push the concept of starshades off the ground.

“It sees things that I never dreamed were out there,” Mather says.

If Mather advocated inoculation, the Courant must oppose it—and did.

From Time

Mather countered that the insurer is at fault for not living up to its contract with the hospital to pay 85 percent of charges.

On Monday, a Mather spokesperson confirmed a check for $32,772 had been received and that the remaining balance would be waived by the hospital.

Beers was chairman of Ogilvy Mather and earned the nickname Queen of Madison Avenue.

There are multiple narrators, including two dogs, one who channels Malcolm X and one who channels Cotton Mather.

Dr. Mather was a faithful agent, and was unwearied in securing friends for his country.

A letter from Mr. Mather, then the minister of the greatest influence, is a proof of it.

Mather, the famous "Patriarch of New England," who believed in witches, was a very learned man.

In sound and structure Mather's style is what the critics call "archaistic."

But at the time about which we are writing there was in Boston a distinguished family of puritanical ministers named Mather.





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