[ maw-reen ]


  1. a female given name, Irish form of Mary.

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Example Sentences

They got along better with Maureen, Ronnie and Wyman’s biological daughter, a staunch conservative, but as son Ron observed, the Reagans so completed each other that they had no room for anyone inside their tight circle.

One of the key staffers in his office, Maureen Connelly, was charged with vetting the commercials.

The ex-chef, accused by Maureen McDonnell of “embezzling” food from the mansion, went to the FBI, triggering its investigation.

Maureen McDonnell may have signed off on the legal strategy.

Bob to Maureen: “I want to be in love, not just watch movies about it.”

Shannon Maureen Conley may have been trying to join her online boyfriend in the fight for ISIS.

He had been told all the details of Lady Maureen's case and of a number of other cases somewhat resembling it.

The information came to me through Maureen, in a characteristic manner.

Even the happiness of these days did not make Maureen gentle.

And Maureen stood at the head of them, as though she only had the right.

It reminded me of something Maureen had said and had not explained.