[ mak-sil-uh ]
/ mækˈsɪl ə /

noun, plural max·il·lae [mak-sil-ee] /mækˈsɪl i/.

a jaw or jawbone, especially the upper.
one of the paired appendages immediately behind the mandibles of arthropods.


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Origin of maxilla

1670–80; < New Latin, special use of Latin maxilla lower jaw, diminutive of māla (< *maxlā) upper jaw, cheekbone Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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British Dictionary definitions for maxilla


/ (mækˈsɪlə) /

noun plural -lae (-liː)

the upper jawbone in vertebratesSee jaw (def. 1)
any member of one or two pairs of mouthparts in insects and other arthropods used as accessory jaws
Derived Formsmaxillar (mækˈsɪlə) or maxillary, adjective

Word Origin for maxilla

C17: New Latin, from Latin: jaw

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Word Origin and History for maxilla



"jaw, jawbone," 1670s, from Latin maxilla "upper jaw," diminutive of mala "jaw, cheekbone." "Maxilla stands to mala as axilla, 'armpit,' stands to ala 'wing'" [Klein]. Related: Maxillar; maxilliform.

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Medicine definitions for maxilla


[ măk-sĭlə ]

n. pl. max•il•las

Either of a pair of irregularly shaped bones of the skull, fusing in the midline, supporting the upper teeth, and forming part of the eye sockets, hard palate, and nasal cavity; upper jaw.

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Science definitions for maxilla


[ măk-sĭlə ]

Plural maxillae (măk-sĭlē) maxillas

The upper part of the jaw in vertebrate animals.
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