[ mak-suh-mahyz ]
/ ˈmæk səˌmaɪz /

verb (used with object), max·i·mized, max·i·miz·ing.

to increase to the greatest possible amount or degree: to look for ways of maximizing profit.
to represent at the highest possible estimate; magnify: He maximized his importance in the program, minimizing the contributions of the other participants.
to make the greatest or fullest use of: Maximize your time by planning ahead.

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Also especially British, max·i·mise.

Origin of maximize

First recorded in 1795–1805; maxim(um) + -ize

Related formsmax·i·mi·za·tion, max·i·ma·tion, nounmax·i·miz·er, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for maximizer



/ (ˈmæksɪˌmaɪz) /


(tr) to make as high or great as possible; increase to a maximum
maths to find the maximum of (a function)
Derived Formsmaximization, maximisation or maximation, nounmaximizer or maximiser, noun

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Word Origin and History for maximizer



1802, formed in English from maximum + -ize; first attested in Bentham, who used it often. Related: Maximized; maximizing.

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