[ verb awg-ment; noun awg-ment ]
/ verb ɔgˈmɛnt; noun ˈɔg mɛnt /
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verb (used with object)
to make larger; enlarge in size, number, strength, or extent; increase: His salary is augmented by a small inheritance.
  1. to raise (the upper note of an interval or chord) by a half step.
  2. to double the note values of (a theme): In the fugue's development the subject is augmented.
Grammar. to add an augment to.
Heraldry. to grant an augmentation to (a coat of arms).
verb (used without object)
to become larger.
Grammar. a prefixed vowel or a lengthening of the initial vowel that characterizes certain forms in the nonpresent inflection of verbs in Greek, Sanskrit, Armenian, and Phrygian.
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Origin of augment

First recorded in 1375–1475; late Middle English au(g)menten, from Anglo-French, Middle French au(g)menter, from Late Latin augmentāre “to increase,” derivative of augmentum “an increase,” from aug(ēre) “to increase” (akin to eke1) + -mentum -ment)


aug·ment·a·ble, adjectiveun·aug·ment·a·ble, adjectiveun·aug·ment·ed, adjective
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What are other ways to say augment?

To augment something is to make it larger in size, number, strength, or extent. How is augment different from enlarge and increase? Find out on Thesaurus.com.


What does augment mean?

To augment something is to add to it in a way that makes it bigger or better.

The general sense of augment is used in a variety of contexts where something is literally or figuratively increased in size, number, shape, value, or in some other way.

A person might augment their salary with an additional source of income. A material like metal might be augmented to make it stronger. A teacher might augment a course’s textbook with additional learning materials.

The noun augmentation refers to the process of augmenting something or the thing that augments. Things that augment or things that are intended to augment can be described as augmentative.

A machine or device can be described as augmentable when other parts can be added to it to improve it in some way or give it additional functionality.

Augment is also used in much more specific ways in the context of music and grammar, but its general sense is much more commonly used.

Example: We recently augmented our nonfiction collection with many new titles by authors from marginalized communities.

Where does augment come from?

The first records of the word augment come from around 1400. It comes from the Late Latin augmentum, meaning “an increase,” from the verb aug(ēre), “to increase.”

Augment is often used in the context of an increase in size or amount, but it can refer to other kinds of changes, such as in quality. Augment is typically used in a neutral or positive way—it usually implies that whatever is being added to something will make the thing better.

One modern use of augment is in the phrase augmented reality (often abbreviated AR). AR involves technology that allows you to augment your view of your environment through the use of a smartphone or headset that will display images or text as if they were part of your actual surroundings.

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How is augment used in real life?

Augment is a common word that can be used in all kinds of contexts. It’s a bit more formal than synonyms like increase, add to, and strengthen.

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Which of the following words is NOT a synonym of augment?

A. enhance

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C. strengthen

D. enlarge

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British Dictionary definitions for augment


verb (ɔːɡˈmɛnt)
to make or become greater in number, amount, strength, etc; increase
(tr) music to increase (a major or perfect interval) by a semitoneCompare diminish (def. 3)
(tr) (in Greek and Sanskrit grammar) to prefix a vowel or diphthong to (a verb) to form a past tense
noun (ˈɔːɡmɛnt)
(in Greek and Sanskrit grammar) a vowel or diphthong prefixed to a verb to form a past tense

Derived forms of augment

augmentable, adjectiveaugmentor or augmenter, noun

Word Origin for augment

C15: from Late Latin augmentāre to increase, from augmentum growth, from Latin augēre to increase
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