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[ awg-men-tey-shuhn ]


  1. the act of augmenting; state of being augmented.
  2. that by which anything is augmented.
  3. Music. modification of a theme by increasing the time value of all its notes.
  4. Heraldry. an addition to a coat of arms granted to a person by a sovereign power in recognition of a notable action.


/ ˌɔːɡmɛnˈteɪʃən /


  1. the act of augmenting or the state of being augmented
  2. the amount by which something is increased
  3. music the presentation of a subject of a fugue, in which the note values are uniformly increased Compare diminution

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Word History and Origins

Origin of augmentation1

1425–75; late Middle English (< Anglo-French ) < Late Latin augmentātiōn- (stem of augmentātiō ). See augment, -ation; replacing late Middle English aumentacion < Middle French

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Example Sentences

Using ground-based augmentation, it can get down to millimeter-level accuracy.

Both BeiDou and GPS rely heavily on ground-based augmentation to boost positioning accuracy to the centimeter level.

Personal augmentation systems that help people thrive as they age.

Wendy later tells Kevin that her parents weighed her weekly and that, following an “exhausting” struggle to control her weight, she has decided to get breast augmentation and liposuction.

We felt like we could build this new generation of developer tools and get to Michael Jordan’s vision of intelligent augmentation, which is giving creatives tools where they can be a lot more productive.

The brochure, I later learned, was not for breast augmentation‚ but breast reconstruction.

In 2010, at 18 years old, she drew criticism for undergoing a $5,000 breast-augmentation surgery, going from an A-cup to a C-cup.

The cost of breast augmentation varies, but $5,000 is a representative figure.

In Germany, she was accused of 19 counts of fraud, including skipping out on a $10,000 bill for breast augmentation surgery.

The judges appear to have done their best to find a good-taste beauty queen (i.e., not the biggest breast augmentation).

They would not, he thought, be much alarmed by any augmentation of power which the Emperor might obtain.

The augmentation, or diminution, of its size, is caused by the care taken to unite the great with the small individuals.

The next day a royal message to parliament announced the augmentation of the navy.

It includes but two formul: Either instinct is a fructification of intelligence; or intelligence is an augmentation of instinct.

I hope you will find no great difficulty in procuring the small augmentation to the loan which it requires.


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More About Augmentation

What does augmentation mean?

Augmentation is the act or process of augmenting something—adding to it in a way that makes it bigger or better.

This can involve literally or figuratively increasing it in size, number, shape, value, or quality or in some other way.

The augmentation of a material involves the addition of another material or substance to make it stronger. The augmentation of a museum collection involves the addition of new artifacts.

The word can also refer to a thing that augments—an additional source of income is an augmentation to one’s salary.

Augment and augmentation are also used in a much more specific way in the context of music, but their general senses are much more commonly used.

Example: The augmentation of our emergency stockpile should be our top priority.

Where does augmentation come from?

The first records of the word augmentation come from the 1400s. The verb augment is first recorded earlier and comes from the Late Latin augmentum, meaning “an increase,” from the verb aug(ēre), “to increase.”

Augmentation is often used in the context of an increase in size or amount, but it can refer to other kinds of changes, such as in quality. Augment and augmentation are typically used in a neutral or positive way—they usually imply that whatever is being added to will be made better by the addition.

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