[ am-pluh-fi-key-shuhn ]
/ ˌæm plə fɪˈkeɪ ʃən /
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the act of amplifying or the state of being amplified.
expansion of a statement, narrative, etc., as for rhetorical purposes: In the revision, the story underwent considerable amplification.
a statement, narrative, etc., so expanded: The text of the second edition was an amplification.
the matter or substance used to expand an idea, statement, or the like: He added an extra paragraph to his speech as an amplification.
Electricity. increase in the strength of current, voltage, or power.
Genetics. gene amplification.
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Origin of amplification

First recorded in 1540–50, amplification is from the Latin word amplificātiōn- (stem of amplificātiō). See ample, -i-, -fication
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How to use amplification in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for amplification

/ (ˌæmplɪfɪˈkeɪʃən) /

the act or result of amplifying
material added to a statement, story, etc, in order to expand or clarify it
a statement, story, etc, with such additional material
  1. the increase in strength of an electrical signal by means of an amplifier
  2. another word for gain 1 (def. 13)
Also called: gene amplification genetics the production of multiple copies of a particular gene or DNA sequence. It can occur naturally or artificially, by genetic engineering techniques
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Medical definitions for amplification

[ ăm′plə-fĭ-kāshən ]

The process of increasing the magnitude of a variable quantity, especially the magnitude of voltage, power, or current, without altering any other quality.
The result of such a process.
The process by which genes or DNA sequences are copied in an organism or in the laboratory.
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Scientific definitions for amplification

[ ăm′plə-fĭ-kāshən ]

An increase in the magnitude or strength of an electric current, a force, or another physical quantity, such as a radio signal.
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