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  1. a composite plant, Anthemis cotula, native to Europe and Asia but naturalized in North America, having pungent, rank-smelling foliage and flower heads with a yellow disk and white rays.
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Origin of mayweed

1545–55; obsolete mayth mayweed (Middle English maithe, Old English mægtha) + weed1
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Historical Examples

  • Mayweed is of a pectoral nature, and is good for a pain in the side.

    Mrs. Hale's Receipts for the Million

    Sarah Josepha Hale

  • By this time generally the corn is high above the mayweed, but this year the flower is level with its shelter.

    The Toilers of the Field

    Richard Jefferies

British Dictionary definitions for mayweed


  1. Also called: dog fennel, stinking mayweed a widespread Eurasian weedy plant, Anthemis cotula, having evil-smelling leaves and daisy-like flower heads: family Asteraceae (composites)
  2. scentless mayweed a similar and related plant, Matricaria maritima, with scentless leaves
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Word Origin

C16: changed from Old English mægtha mayweed + weed 1
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