/ (ˈmeɪzɪ) /

adjectivemazier or maziest
  1. Northern English dialect dizzy

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How to use mazey in a sentence

  • "It all depends on which side of Freeze-your-Bones his honor the admiral lives," said old mazey.

    No Name | Wilkie Collins
  • Old mazey chuckled, winked, and shook his knotty forefinger at Magdalen, impressively.

    No Name | Wilkie Collins
  • "I want to say something serious," replied old mazey, with impenetrable solemnity.

    No Name | Wilkie Collins
  • Around the mazey, rubbish-strewn paths the pursuit went hotly.

    Dope | Sax Rohmer
  • No better name for it could have been devised than the name which old mazey had found.

    No Name | Wilkie Collins