or ma·zour·ka

[ muh-zur-kuh, -zoor- ]

  1. a lively Polish dance in moderately quick triple meter.

  2. music for, or in the rhythm of, this dance.

Origin of mazurka

1810–20; <Polish, equivalent to Mazur Mazovia (district in northern Poland) + -ka noun suffix

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How to use mazurka in a sentence

  • Maciejowski wrote also four mazurka strophes eulogising Hanka's scientific achievements, and Chopin set them to music.

  • The trio (poco piu mosso), the more original portion of the mazurka, reappears in a slightly altered form in later mazurkas.

  • Would you believe it, they were all flocking about us in crowds; in the mazurka they did nothing but seek her out.

    Smoke | Turgenev Ivan Sergeevich
  • How she danced over the ground with a light mazurka step, as if she were shod with gutta-percha and not with iron!

    Boyhood in Norway | Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen
  • The theme was in somewhat the nature of a mazurka, sweet and graceful.

    A Russian Proprietor | Lyof N. Tolstoi

British Dictionary definitions for mazurka



/ (məˈzɜːkə) /

  1. a Polish national dance in triple time

  2. a piece of music composed for this dance

Origin of mazurka

C19: from Polish: (dance) of Mazur (Mazovia) province in Poland

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