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millicurie; millicuries.
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megacurie; megacuries.

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Symbol, Chemistry.

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Marine Corps.
master of ceremonies.
Medical Corps.
Member of Congress.

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Electricity. millicoulomb; millicoulombs.

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a combining form, used especially to form nonce words, with the meaning “generic; homogenized”: McSchools that offer no individual attention; reading McNews instead of a serious newspaper.

Origin of Mc-

<Mc(Donald's), chain of fast-food restaurants

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variant of Mac-.
Also Mc-.

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Master Commandant.
master of ceremonies.
Medical Corps.
Member of Congress.
Member of Council.
British. Military Cross.
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What does MC mean?

MC stands for master of ceremonies, or someone who acts as a host for an event, especially by introducing speakers and performers at a party or broadcast. In hip-hop music, MC is sometimes used as a synonym for “rapper” or “artist.”

How is MC pronounced?

[ em-cee ]

What are other forms of MC?

  • emcee
  • M.C.

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Where does MC come from?

The idea of a master of ceremonies dates back to at least the 400s, with an official overseeing various rituals in the Catholic Church.

The English phrase master of ceremonies can be found in the 1600s, and originally referred to an official who oversaw royal ceremonies and court etiquette. The term extended to any person who presides over a formal event like a ball or dinner, and in the late 20th century, rap performances.

The man who is popularly credited as the first MC in hip-hop is Coke La Rock. In the early 1970s, he would talk out of sight as DJ Kool Herc, one of the originators of hip-hop music, performed on stage.

Early rap lyrics included shout-outs to friends. Rappers themselves became synonymous with MC by the 1990s, and some used the abbreviation in their stage names, such as MC Hammer. 

How is MC used in real life?

A person can be an MC. Using the term as a verb, a person can MC event. MC is sometimes spelled out as emcee, especially when it is used as a verb.

Duties of the MC typically involve speaking at the start of the event, introducing speakers or performers, and managing transitions. They’re like a host.

In hip-hop, MC provides the stage names for many rappers, especially those prized for their verbal abilities. Father MC, MC Breed, Young MC, and, of course, MC Hammer are some examples.

Outside hip-hop, the musical genres of garage, drum and bass, ska, and reggae may feature MCs, but more in the original, shout-out, audience-engaging mold of Coke La Rock, as seen in the famous duo DJ Luck & MC Neat.

More examples of MC:

“He emcees all sorts of events, from sombre occasions to corporate functions, and gives motivational talks in schools and colleges.”

—Paul Kariuki, The Standard (Kenya), 2014

How to use mc in a sentence

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the internet domain name for

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abbreviation for
Master of Ceremonies
astrology Medium Coeli
(in the US) Member of Congress
(in Britain) Military Cross
Monaco (international car registration)

Word Origin for MC

(sense 2) Latin: Midheaven.

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a variant of Mac-

usage for Mc-

For names beginning with this prefix, see under Mac-
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Medical definitions for mc


Magister Chirurgiae (Master of Surgery)
Medical Corps
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