[ muh-kal-uhn ]


  1. a city in S Texas, on the Rio Grande.

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Example Sentences

Carlos was held for six days at the main Border Patrol station in McAllen before being transferred to Weslaco after his flu diagnosis.

The inspector general said it referred the findings to Justice Department prosecutors in McAllen, Texas, “who declined prosecution, citing a lack of any criminal violations and a lack of criminal intent,” the news release said.

In Reynosa, across the border form McAllen, Texas, a makeshift encampment has formed in downtown and grown to about 700 people because shelters have run out of room.

From Time

In an early expectation-setting conversation, Blevins promised McAllen that he wanted Time In to be more than just a “streamer team.”

Socrates Shawn, then an 18-year-old high school senior, was driving from his father’s house in Progreso Lakes, a small community just south of Progreso, to his mother’s place 24 miles away in McAllen.

“These people watch TV, too,” he said over the phone while in transit to the McAllen Border Patrol Station.

A women from McAllen is a 250-mile drive to san Antonio to get the healthcare she needs.

One night the crowd in the border town of McAllen, Texas, was so excited Clinton nearly got carried away—literally.

For instance, Antonio Reyna met English in a McAllen bar the night before the caper and somehow wound up in the van the next day.

Ergo, McAllen must be pondering now, how could one persuade Mr. Chard to remain silent?

A few hints dropped here and there would have made McAllen's twelve years of elaborate precaution quite meaningless.

McAllen didn't look in the least like a man who could afford nowadays to commute by air between the Mediterranean and California.

At least that could be assumed to be the reason for McAllen's impoverishment, which was a matter Barney had established.

Then McAllen was down on one knee, holding the rod high with one hand, reaching out for his catch with the other.