[ muh-kand-lis ]


  1. a town in SW Pennsylvania.

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Example Sentences

Over the years, visitors had covered the interior of the bus in graffiti, leaving their names or messages to McCandless.

In the years after Into the Wild’s publication and the release of a 2007 film version starring Emile Hirsch, the bus became a destination for fans who wanted to retrace McCandless’s footsteps.

“Name a brand, and it would be unusual if they don’t have something impacted by this,” says McCandless.

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“If demand in Western countries continues like it has for the last nine months, these disruptions will go into 2022,” says McCandless.

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So at the age of 21, Blanc channeled Chris McCandless from Into the Wild and dropped out.

Reed McCandless is gunning for a Republican congressional nomination against incumbent Rep. Raul Labrador of Idaho.

"How Chris McCandless Died" by Jon Krakauer, The New Yorker.

What are the similarities and differences between Pat Tillman and Chris McCandless from Into the Wild?

I have fond memories of the research and writing, plus I identified with McCandless.

Mr. McCandless, for defense, addressed the Court and jury; Court took a recess for half an hour.

Mr. McCandless moved the Court in arrest of judgment and for a new trial.

Jim McCandless and another pitched forward across the threshold with leveled shotguns at their shoulders.

Revolver and shotgun flamed in the same instant; McCandless fell dead; Hickok staggered back with eleven buckshot in his body.

Whirling with the swiftness of a fighting cat he spurned the senseless outlaw with his boot and “threw down” on McCandless.





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