[ muh-kaw-lee ]


  1. Mary Ludwig Hays, real name of Molly Pitcher.

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Example Sentences

Rather, Ultima’s system finds lots of “clever ways to save costs and add performance,” according to McCauley.

McCauley said there were serious complications from the attack.

McCauley may have married beneath her station, but Gordon-Levitt has obsessive fans.

The news came as a surprise even to fans of Gordon-Levitt, who was only photographed with McCauley for the first time last May.

Through my wife [McCauley is married to singer/songwriter Vanessa Carlton].

Shortly after he took control of the scene, McCauley found her locked in the master bedroom.

The state police investigators already had been called there, and the scene was orderly—McCauley had seen to that.

Speaking of courage and self-confidence reminds me of a remark of big Jack McCauley.

Major McCauley, who lived next door to me, succeeded in getting away in a manner which will be spoken of later on.

McCauley supplied me with some data, from his point of view.

When McCauley found a camping place I always brought up the rear.

He came on at once as Joe McCauley managed to get the communication lines repatched.