[ muhk-doo-guhl ]


  1. William, 1871–1938, U.S. psychologist and writer, born in England.

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Example Sentences

Thanks, it must be said, to some rather selective editing, we repeatedly hear McDougall say that he “discovered” the Tarahumara—a people he at one point refers to as a “Smithsonian exhibit come to life.”

McDougall’s book, an earlier book called Why We Run by Bernd Heinrich, and numerous podcasts, magazine articles, and anthropological papers have all posed the idea that humans evolved to run down game over long distances.

But Chris McDougall says commanders with the most obsessive fitness routines are the ones who win wars.

The old woman went off to bed, and Mrs. McDougall sat down by the fire, though not to eat.

He ran downstairs into the kitchen, and found Mrs. McDougall seated before the empty grate.

Presently Mrs. McDougall alighted, and with a few words of thanks, turned up the pathway leading to her own cottage.

"She's getting a big lassie, and she's over-proud of her appearance," Mrs. McDougall said, not without a touch of pride.

Eight passengers, including McDougall and Stuart, happened to be on shore at the time.