[ muh-graw ]


  1. John Joseph, 1873–1934, U.S. baseball player and manager.

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“It sure seems to have gotten worse in the Covid era, because the misinformation that’s being promulgated through social media channels is wildly off-base and yet asserted with such a high level of confidence that people believe it,” McGraw said.

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“There’s some threshold going on here where you just need some amount of either of these microbial agents and it changes the mosquito’s physiology or ability to cope with heat stress,” McGraw says.

However, McGraw says, it’s not clear yet which areas will face increased or lessened risk, and therefore where deploying Wolbachia will be most effective.

The longevity, particularly in today’s game, is as impressive to McGraw as how she has gone about her business.

In a phone conversation a few weeks ago, McGraw talked about the role of personal responsibility and told a story on herself.

McGraw emphasizes that there is no public health risk to humans from the virus, and that pork is safe to eat.

Researchers Joel Warner and Peter McGraw conducted an experiment in which free drinks were served.

Similarly, Geimer calls Dr. Phil McGraw a “drama vulture,” dismissing his claims that she has a “classic case of victim guilt.”

I tried to find out—asking for interviews with producers, booking agents, publicists, and even McGraw himself, to no avail.

Apple has lined up top textbook companies—Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Pearson, and McGraw-Hill—as partners.

What would you think of detailing Paddy McGraw to give the young men a fast ride—they have heard of him.

He'd surely be home by now, even if Dan McGraw had taken him for a long trip.

“As delicate as prima donnas,” says John McGraw of this variety.

“Josh” did, got hit, and found out that what McGraw said was true.

McGraw was on the bench, leaving the coaching to his lieutenants.