[ muh-kin-ee ]


  1. a city in NE Texas.

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McKinney is working one-on-one with returning parents and their managers to ease into returning to the workplace.

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“Sometimes I don’t even want to kiss the kids, because I don’t know what today has brung,” McKinney said.

Fells joined the Texans’ “Dragon Ball Z” debates, which McKinney said sometimes carry into practice, so much so that coaches often remind players to focus.

McKinney CEO Joe Maglio plans to attend and said the company has agreed to pay for any employee interested in the virtual conference as it makes doing so more viable.

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McKinney is a features writer and co-owner at Defector Media

From Time

Since leaving Congress, McKinney has since gone on to compare 9/11 truthers to civil-rights activists.

Had those reporters been women,” McKinney speculates, the “defining words of Beatlemania would have been different.

At about the same time Matthew was leaving the Library, Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson had just gotten off work.

A measure of how much things had changed came when the state senate minority leader, John McKinney, asked to be a co-sponsor.

Joyce McKinney gives one hell of a “performance” in this film.

Mr. McKinney has always voted with the democratic party but has never been a candidate for office.

This house was built by Charles McKinney, and opened up by him as a tavern.

The first settlement in Collin county was made about 10 m. north of what is now McKinney in 1841.

We then passed McKinney's old cabin, the place he built and occupied in 1863, before he went to live at the Lake.

The bottom of the Lake may be seen at a considerable depth near McKinney's, and looks like a piece of mosaic work.





McKinley, WilliamMcKinnon