[ muh-klawf-lin ]


  1. John, born 1942, English jazz guitarist.

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Example Sentences

After it was over, McLaughlin seemed more exhausted and relieved than joyous.

From Time

“Servers are great when they’re available, and they’re not, if they’re not,” McLaughlin says.

There was McLaughlin, Crawford’s successor as Laurel police chief.

“This newest delay will force everyone from the legislator to election officials to really rethink how the 2022 elections are going to work,” McLaughlin said.

The state commission has hired an executive director and is staffing up for the process, McLaughlin said.

The cerebral McLaughlin, who also served as acting director of Central Intelligence, was hardly reassuring on the “what now?”

“It takes a lot of Democrats to elect a Republican in one of these places,” said John McLaughlin, a Republican pollster.

Cast: Jake McLaughlin, Delroy Lindo, Kyle MacLachlan, Johnny Sequoyah, Arian Moayed, Jamie Chung.

As Avery and McLaughlin argue, the Federalist Society deals with “many of the crucial issues of twentieth-century America.”

Avery and McLaughlin argue that the Federalist Society is primarily a “group of intellectuals.”

The bright light cast a shadow, and in that shadow he saw Captain McLaughlin raise his fist and deal a savage blow at his face.

You were a prisoner, and standing in the middle of the station-house floor while McLaughlin was raining blows at you?

Captain McLaughlin stopped him, pulled open his overcoat, and searched his pockets.

McLaughlin found one morning a minie imbedded in the heel of the shoe he had laid aside for the night.

McLaughlin hurled at him, while the old man stood quivering, paralyzed.