[ muh-kloud ]

  1. a brand of garden tool that is a combination of a rake and a hoe.

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Example Sentences

As the companies allowed employees to work from home, they relaxed some security controls, McLeod said.

During his spring semester at Duke University, senior Lewis McLeod was expelled for committing a sexual assault.

Their stories were narrated by Allan McLeod, Amber Ruffin, and Morgan Murphy.

And this is why the testimony from McLeod and Preston was so extraordinary.

Throughout election day, McLeod had been “cautiously optimistic” that his man would win.

Harriet McLeod talks to cops from both crimes about the chilling parallels.

A trooper named McLeod was shot through the heart, and fell dead.

Mr. Martin McLeod, the trader, and a few others organized a hunt on horseback.

In the morning, McLeod and his train went on, but we stayed and kept the Sabbath, arriving the next day.

Seeing the temper of Macdonell's levy McLeod determined to fortify his rude castle.

McLeod's party then pushed on with great glee to Fort Douglas and were received with discharges of artillery and firearms.





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