/ məkˈmɑːən /


  1. McMahonSir William19081988MAustralianPOLITICS: statesmanPOLITICS: prime minister Sir William. 1908–88, Australian statesman; prime minister of Australia (1971–72)
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Example Sentences

On the Democratic side, many expect former Rep. Mike McMahon to make another run at the seat.

What was his argument against the moderate McMahon, who was so willing to buck his own party orthodoxy?

McMahon was one of the few Democrats in Congress to vote against Obamacare.

Once in office, McMahon found himself representing a right-leaning district just as the Tea Party wave was building.

He was replaced by Mike McMahon, a sober-minded city councilman with deep roots in Democratic politics in the city.

This specimen is represented three-fourths size, and comes from McMahon mound, Tennessee.

McMahon and I threw everything out of the big canoe and pushed out after him.

Mrs. McMahon caught at the word with the true gambler's instinct.

Officer McMahon, the tyrant on this squalid beat, was large.

McMahon advocates the introduction of foreign grapes and says almost nothing about the native species.





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