[ muhk-nal-ee ]


  1. Terrence, 1939–2020, U.S. playwright.

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The trio also chats about the McNally family’s long and spirited history, the state of Irish single malt and his plans for the Limavady brand.

That didn’t deter McNally, who hoped that if he worked hard enough and proved himself a capable employee, Google would hire him permanently.

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Like almost all Modis workers, McNally was hired on a three-month contract renewable for only two years, after which he’d be unemployed and ineligible to reapply to Modis for six months.

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McNally, who had been watching the Google facility grow since it opened in 2007, eagerly accepted.

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From On Highway 61: Music, Race, and the Evolution of Cultural Freedom by Dennis McNally.

Thirty-five years ago, Dennis McNally wrote a life of Beat icon Jack Kerouac.

In late May, McNally began coordinating his investigation into German currency operations with the British.

Reeves was visibly perturbed when he saw the amount of British currency that McNally had recovered in Austria.

Playwright Terence McNally updated his 1982 play with freshly satiric references.

In a running fight for miles McNally's men killed sixteen bandits, while only one escaped.

A parley ensued, but McNally refused to go back without the cattle, which the Mexicans had finally to surrender.

Yes, it is a bold and a rash deed to challenge in one sentence history, romance, and Rand and McNally.

McNally had a private carriage also, with a footman in livery.

It was said that McNally often took as much as 1,600 in a single day.


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