/ məˈkwiːn /


  1. McQueenAlexander19692011MBritishARTS AND CRAFTS: fashion designer Alexander . 1969–2011, British fashion designer and master tailor.
  2. McQueenSteve19301980MUSFILMS AND TV: actor Steve. 1930–80, US film actor, noted for his portrayal of tough characters

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Example Sentences

Past winning artists generally were either complete outsiders (McQueen) or divisive figures in the art world.

This year McQueen picked up three Oscars (including best picture) for his third motion picture 12 Years A Slave.

Then there was the stunning red Alexander McQueen dress that she wore to her rehearsal dinner.

Among the star-studded guests were Rick Ruben, Lala Anthony, Serena Williams and 12 Years A Slave director Steve McQueen.

“I was pleasantly surprised,” Rachel McQueen, assistant human ecology professor at the university, said.

As we approached he slowly raised his weapon and fired, sending the bullet through McQueen's helmet.

Only that he pulled out ten thousand on Flora McQueen—that's all!

At word that Father McQueen was sighted all work was stopped.

"The wind blows under Father McQueen's door like spray from the land-wash," said the old woman.

Father McQueen devoted the following morning to collecting what he could from the other men of the harbor.