[ meel-tahym ]


  1. the usual time for a meal.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of mealtime1

First recorded in 1125–75, mealtime is from the Middle English word meeltyme. See meal 1, time
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Example Sentences

Plus, this toy doesn’t only have to be used at mealtime—go ahead and put a few tasty treats in there at any time of day when your dog is ready to play!

A powder dog vitamin formula should be super easy to give to pets as you can mix it in with their food, so they’ll barely notice their mealtime has been enhanced by some incredible dog supplements.

Saliva production is highest during the day, especially at mealtimes.

It’s during mealtimes in the air when travelers—especially those who remove their masks—are most at risk.

Advertisers are embracing the realities of parenting during a pandemic, with themes like mealtime prep, parenting while working and stress at the “front and center in recent ads,” she said.

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In many ways, what you talk about during shared mealtime (or any time) is more important than what you eat.

It was upon my first visit to Florence that the chicken liver pâté quickly became a mealtime staple.

After a little while Yung Pak got used to these "monkey shines," and he knew that his pet would not stay away long after mealtime.

The child had not received such universal invitation to chatter at mealtime since she had learned to speak.

The one kitchen for the whole barracks was a room with a stove and a daily ration of coal to be used at mealtime.

We pretended that we were his servants and whenever we thought that it was getting near a mealtime we would read the menu to him.

Rather a strange subject we seem to be on for mealtime, don't we?





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