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measure out


  1. to pour or dole out

    they measure out a pint of fluid

  2. to administer; mete out

    they measured out harsh punishments

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Example Sentences

There was outrage initially, calls to kick the 41 Republicans and five Democratic Senators who blocked the measure out of office.

He started to measure out the amber liquid into the glass, but Burns put up a hand.

Measure out ten to twenty quarts of milk and put them into separate pails to be sent out to customers encamped on the lake.

Measure out and add to the nutrient agar, sodium sulphite, 10 per cent.

Measure out twenty minimal hæmolytic doses of hæmolysin, add to the erythrocyte solution on the test-tube.

Now, if you want to help, you may measure out three cupfuls of sugar, and three-quarters of a cupful of milk.





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