[ med-i-tuh-rey-nee-uhn ]
/ ˌmɛd ɪ təˈreɪ ni ən /
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a person whose physical characteristics are considered typical of the peoples native to or inhabiting the Mediterranean area.
the, Informal. the islands and countries of the Mediterranean Sea collectively.
pertaining to, situated on or near, or dwelling about the Mediterranean Sea.
pertaining to or characteristic of the peoples native to the lands along or near the Mediterranean Sea.
surrounded or nearly surrounded by land.
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Origin of Mediterranean

1585–95; <Latin mediterrāne(us) midland, inland (see medium, terra, -an, -eous) + -an

OTHER WORDS FROM Mediterranean

non-Med·i·ter·ra·ne·an, noun, adjectivetrans-Med·i·ter·ra·ne·an, adjective
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How to use Mediterranean in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for Mediterranean

/ (ˌmɛdɪtəˈreɪnɪən) /

short for the Mediterranean Sea
a native or inhabitant of a Mediterranean country
of, relating to, situated or dwelling on or near the Mediterranean Sea
denoting a postulated subdivision of the Caucasoid race, characterized by slender build and dark complexion
meteorol (of a climate) characterized by hot summers and relatively warm winters when most of the annual rainfall occurs
(often not capital) obsolete situated in the middle of a landmass; inland

Word Origin for Mediterranean

C16: from Latin mediterrāneus, from medius middle + -terrāneus, from terra land, earth
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