[ muh-duhl-uh ]
/ məˈdʌl ə /

noun, plural me·dul·las, me·dul·lae [muh-duhl-ee] /məˈdʌl i/.

  1. the marrow of the bones.
  2. the soft, marrowlike center of an organ, as the kidney or adrenal gland.
  3. medulla oblongata.
Botany. the pith of plants.

Origin of medulla

1635–45; < Latin: marrow, pith Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (mɪˈdʌlə) /

noun plural -las or -lae (-liː)

  1. the innermost part of an organ or structure
  2. short for medulla oblongata
botany another name for pith (def. 4)
Derived Formsmedullary or medullar, adjective

Word Origin for medulla

C17: from Latin: marrow, pith, probably from medius middle
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Word Origin and History for medulla



hindmost segment of the brain, 1650s, from Latin medulla, literally "marrow," also "pith of plants," of unknown origin, perhaps related to or influenced by medius "middle" (but cf. also Old Irish smiur, Welsh mer "marrow"). The word was used in the Latin senses in Middle English. Related: Medular; medullary.

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[ mĭ-dŭlə ]

n. pl. me•dul•las

The inner core of certain organs or body structures, such as the marrow of bone.medullary substance
Related formsme•dullar null adj.
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[ mĭ-dŭlə, mĭ-dōōlə ]

Plural medullas medullae (mĭ-dŭlē)

See medulla oblongata.
The central portion of an anatomical structure, such as the adrenal gland or the kidney.
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