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  1. megohm; megohms.
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  1. a megabyte.
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  1. a female given name, form of Margaret.
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  1. variant of megalo- (megalith); also the initial element in units of measure that are equal to one million of the units denoted by the base word (megahertz). Symbol: M
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Also especially before a vowel, meg-.

Origin of mega-

combining form representing Greek mégas large, great
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  • I went to Meg Van Dam, who had long urged me to pay her a visit.

  • Meg paced the floor a minute, then slapped herself into a chair.

  • I dashed into my room but Meg's staccato reached me even there.

  • Perhaps I shouldn't have let her talk so about Meg, but, after all, she told me nothing new.

  • Meg, at sixteen, had received so little from life that her expectations were of the humblest.

    Jan and Her Job

    L. Allen Harker

British Dictionary definitions for meg


  1. informal short for megabyte
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combining form
  1. denoting 10 6megawatt Symbol: M
  2. (in computer technology) denoting 2 20 (1 048 576)megabyte
  3. large or greatmegalith
  4. informal great in importance or amountmegastar
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Word Origin

from Greek megas huge, powerful
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Word Origin and History for meg


fem. proper name; before the late 20c. rise in popularity of Megan it typically was a pet form of Margaret, and was "used dial. to indicate a hoyden, coarse woman, etc." [OED]

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before vowels meg-, word-forming element often meaning "large, great," but in precise scientific language "one million" (megaton, megawatt, etc.), from Greek megas "great, large, vast, big, high, tall; mighty, important" (fem. megale), from PIE *meg- "great" (cf. Latin magnus, Old English micel; see mickle). Mega began to be used alone as an adjective by 1982.

High-speed computer stores 2.5 megabits [headline in "Electronics" magazine, Oct. 1, 1957]
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meg in Medicine


  1. Large:megacephaly.
  2. One million (106):megahertz.
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meg in Science


  1. A prefix that means:
  2. Large, as in megadose, a large dose.
  3. One million, as in megahertz, one million hertz.
  4. 220 (that is, 1,048,576), which is the power of 2 closest to a million, as in megabyte.
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