[ meg-uhn ]


  1. a female given name.

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Example Sentences

It was during post-conference drinks in a dimly lit bar that Megan decided to investigate the mysterious alchemical cipher—with the help of her colleague, University of Graz postdoctoral researcher Sarah Lang.

For instance, Indonesia has received donated doses of Pfizer vaccines from the United States but generally excluded foreign residents from getting those shots, said Slattery and his daughter Megan.

The irony is that Megan presents fairly seriously in her public persona but has some of the funniest bars out there, while Nas, who is funnier than virtually every comedian on social media, turns mostly serious when his words have to rhyme.

From Time

Last month, Megan expressed her disappointment with men who “support me in private and publicly do something different” after DaBaby reportedly retweeted a joke about Lanez shooting Megan.

Earlier this month, Megan spoke with Shin-pei Tsay, Uber’s director of policy, cities and transportation, about a number of topics, including Proposition 22.

Paramedics were also on the scene, and Megan survived, though with a significant brain injury.

“I asked Megan what had happened,” Johnson wrote in the report.

Going played Arlene, the star of the soap opera that Mel writes for, who mentors Megan.

Who he played on Mad Men: McGinley played a writer on the soap opera that Megan acted on for a spell.

When Don bails the next day, and Amy awkwardly bounces, Megan is once again left all alone, and frustrated.

Of course two years later they were showing practically the same thing at Megan's dry-goods store.

On as far as Megan's which you entered and inspected, up one brightly lighted aisle and down the next.

Dearie, yere not to believe everythin ye hear; Megan has a good memory, an it takes a good memory to tell lies.

Megan opened the large card with its wide border of black and inner borders of silver and black, and read the words.

The fats snappish to-day; it sputtered more nor usual, she said to Megan, who was seated in the shadow of the high settle.





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