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[ meg-uh-fohn ]


  1. a cone-shaped device for magnifying or directing the voice, chiefly used in addressing a large audience out of doors or in calling to someone at a distance. Compare bullhorn.

verb (used with or without object)

, meg·a·phoned, meg·a·phon·ing.
  1. to transmit or speak through or as if through a megaphone.


/ ˌmɛɡəˈfɒnɪk; ˈmɛɡəˌfəʊn /


  1. a funnel-shaped instrument used to amplify the voice See also loud-hailer

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Derived Forms

  • megaphonic, adjective
  • ˌmegaˈphonically, adverb

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Other Words From

  • meg·a·phon·ic [meg-, uh, -, fon, -ik], adjective
  • mega·phoni·cal·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of megaphone1

An Americanism dating back to 1875–80; mega- + -phone

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Example Sentences

You send things out and you don’t want it to just be a megaphone.

From Ozy

It’s a time to celebrate or it’s a megaphone reminder of our aching hearts.

America’s tech giants have also cracked down, stripping the 45th US president and his supporters of their digital megaphones just days before his term ends.

From Quartz

Only when big companies take away the megaphones and the money does it seem like Trumpism could someday sputter to an end.

He also used his money to launch or buy media outlets that served as a megaphone for his political causes and a means of countering criticism of his business practices.

Gotta have the beret and megaphone if I want people to take me seriously!

More campaign dollars and a louder megaphone are by themselves not enough to win swing states.

If we want a megaphone to the rest of the world, we must explicitly ask for it by changing that setting ourselves.

Reading Stirring the Pot is like having a Day-Glo, dumb-feminism-for-dummies megaphone blasted into your ears.

Turn that megaphone around and use feedback you receive on the crowdsourcing and social media platforms as consumer feedback.

I fairly barked, and seizing the megaphone again, I set it to my lips and roared, "My fiancée!"

My lips were buried in the megaphone; I strove to speak; I only produced a ghastly, chuckling sound.

"Jack Kilmeny will ride Teddy Roosevelt," blared the megaphone man.

Captain Wass grabbed down his megaphone; he wanted to submit a few remarks which seemed to fit the incident.

Russia is the megaphone from which his voice goes out through every land and over every sea.


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