/ mĕg′ə-thîrē-əm /

, Plural megatheriums

  1. A large, extinct ground sloth of the genus Megatherium that lived from the Miocene through the Pleistocene Epochs, primarily in South America. It was as large as an elephant, had long curved claws and teeth only in the sides of its jaws, and ate plants. The megatherium was more closely related to the modern two-toed sloth than to the three-toed sloth.

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Example Sentences

Thirty years ago we knew as little of the ways of the ward boss as we knew of the megatherium or the great auk.

The so-called ground sloths were of large size, Megatherium being nearly as large as an elephant, and Mylodon not much smaller.

London is evidenced in every one of them, just as a megatherium is in each of its separate bones, even if they be small ones.

In Megatherium the fifth digit is clawless while the second, third, and fourth bear enormous claws.

The largest of the edentates was the Megatherium, a clumsy ground sloth bigger than a rhinoceros.


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