/ (ˈmiːɡrɪmz) /

noun(functioning as singular)
  1. archaic a fit of depression

  2. archaic a disease of horses and cattle; staggers

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How to use megrims in a sentence

  • This was the first attack of the megrims that I remembered in my mistress since the time when she was a young girl.

    The Moonstone | Wilkie Collins
  • Some say he is sick of an ague; others that he was cut about the brows for the megrims, which vexeth him sore.

  • All shall be served with the same wine; the rich host shall not say, For my colic, or for my megrims, I must drink the better.

  • That might justify her, fairly enough, in being kept away from meeting now and again by headaches, or undefined megrims.

  • Probably nothing would have done so much to chase away the megrims that were always pestering him.