[ muh-lis-uh ]


  1. Classical Mythology. the sister of Amalthea who nourished the infant Zeus with honey.
  2. Also Me·lis·sie, Me·lis·sy [] a female given name.

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Example Sentences

It was great to see my favorites again, especially Melissa, Gregory, Kwame, Kristen and Brooke, all of whom can hold their ground against the heavyweight celebrity chefs the show usually brings on.

From Time

So, in my opinion, Ryan stole 51 years of Melissa’s life and 47 from Coleen.

Melissa still blots up the ink regularly with humor of all genres.

Before his death, Michael’s wife, Melissa, met with his attending physician, who she says decided against the further treatment she had requested because he had no “quality” of life.

Last week, Melissa, a donor from Tampa, Florida went above and beyond for a mom in Hollywood, California named Vivian.

From Time

For her part, Melissa shows the frustration and powerlessness of a woman devoted to a man she no longer understands – or trusts.

But, Melissa said, the show could only end with—as her mother would want—a joke.

"Melissa, you're from part of me that cannot be lasered off," Rivers said.

Yet even as her mother lobbed insults, Melissa was shown looking on, delight and pride in her eyes.

She cherished her photographs the most: of Rosenberg, Melissa, and Cooper.

George and Melissa were placed on top and given hold of the strap that was to steady them in their place.

As between him and one Melissa Grider an engagement to join themselves together in the bonds of matrimony had been arranged.

But Melissa, that comely and comfortable person, remained practical even when most loving.

Miss Melissa's hands went up in the air and her voice rose in a shrill shriek as she saw her brother's condition.

On the night of the start, Miss Melissa looked into his room every few minutes to make sure he had not escaped.