[ mel-rohz ]


  1. a city in E Massachusetts, near Boston.
  2. a village in SE Scotland, on the Tweed River: ruins of a famous abbey.

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Example Sentences

She got glimpses of sex while playing a kid on the original Melrose Place and when she Googled herself.

Her roles have included TV shows like The Playboy Club and Melrose Place.

At Last is the fifth novel about Patrick Melrose, St Aubyn's unhappy and self-absorbed antihero.

Those two novels and their connection to the Melrose pentalogy are crucial in illuminating St Aubyn's preoccupations.

For seafood and steak, head to neighboring Melrose Arch and try Pigalle.

Immediately the Scots hung upon his rear, and Douglas cut up an advance company of 300 men near Melrose.

Undoubtedly the high praise given Melrose is due to the fame which it acquired from the poems and stories of Scott.

A few days after, he heard of the death of the good bishop, and straightway journeyed to the monastery of Melrose.

She and her companions went inland, and settled down at Melrose, on the banks of the Tweed, where she erected an abbey.

The history of Melrose is made up in great part of romance and superstitious traditions.





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