or Mel·vyn

[ mel-vin ]


  1. a male given name.

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Example Sentences

What the always stingy A’s will get, unofficially, is a chance to hire a manager who comes at a lesser annual cost than Melvin ahead of an offseason in which many around the baseball industry expect the team to cut even more payroll than usual.

The Padres have not announced the choice and the Athletics have not acknowledged Melvin’s departure, though they had to approve it.

Melvin also spent five seasons as manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks and two leading the Seattle Mariners before establishing himself as one of the game’s steadiest hands in Oakland.

“Melvin lost $6 billion in 20 trading days,” Perlmutter said in an exchange with Melvin founder Gabriel Plotkin.

Simon Property Group became one of America’s largest shopping mall landlords under Melvin and Herb Simon, brothers and co-founders.

From Ozy

Not even the cofounder of the real estate company that owns the most malls in America, Melvin Simon, is listed.

Casey grapples with his relationship with his newfound daughter Alex (Mekenna Melvin), but Morgan has plans of his own for her.

Also from 1972, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes performing "If You Don't Know Me By Now"

Christian Bale becomes Melvin Purvis, the first famous G-man who tracks the gangsters down.

Seeing Merimée do this sent Melvin also back to his tent, yet only for a moment.

When that Melvin boy, that bugler, saw us coming to that porch he was scared stiff.

She looked around for Melvin to corroborate her statement but he had vanished.

The one schoolmaster—almost the only teacher—to whom he acknowledged any obligation, was James Melvin.

Both before and after the time of his studies under Dr Melvin he had experience of schoolmasters of a different type.


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