[ mem-uh-ran-duhm ]
/ 藢m蓻m 蓹藞r忙n d蓹m /
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noun, plural mem路o路ran路dums, mem路o路ran路da [mem-uh-ran-duh]. /藢m蓻m 蓹藞r忙n d蓹/.
a short note designating something to be remembered, especially something to be done or acted upon in the future; reminder.
a record or written statement of something.
an informal message, especially one sent between two or more employees of the same company, concerning company business: an interoffice memorandum.
Law. a writing, usually informal, containing the terms of a transaction.
Diplomacy. a summary of the state of an issue, the reasons for a decision agreed on, etc.
a document transferring title to goods but authorizing the return of the goods to the seller at the option of the buyer.
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Origin of memorandum

1400鈥50; late Middle English <Latin: something to be noted, noun use of neuter of memorandus, gerundive of memor膩re to mention, tell


pre路mem路o路ran路dum, noun, plural pre路mem路o路ran路dums, pre路mem路o路ran路da.
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British Dictionary definitions for memorandum

/ (藢m蓻m蓹藞r忙nd蓹m) /

noun plural -dums or -da (-d蓹)
a written statement, record, or communication such as within an office
a note of things to be remembered
an informal diplomatic communication, often unsigned: often summarizing the point of view of a government
law a short written summary of the terms of a transaction
Often (esp for senses 1, 2) shortened to: memo

Word Origin for memorandum

C15: from Latin: (something) to be remembered
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