/ (ˈmɛnən) /

  1. Vengalil Krishnan Krishna (ˈvɛŋɡəlɪl ˈkriːʃnən ˈkriːʃnə). 1897–1974, Indian diplomat and politician, who was a close associate of Nehru and played a key role in the Indian nationalist movement

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How to use Menon in a sentence

  • But for Menon and his skill in warfare, the besiegers must have fled from before it in disorder and dismay.

    Sarchedon | G. J. (George John) Whyte-Melville
  • In the Menon also the same question is broached as in the Protagoras, whether virtue is teachable or not?

  • In fact, battle being given, it was this cavalry which obtained the victory, under the leadership 41 of Menon.

    Thackerayana | William Makepeace Thackeray
  • Xenophon lays it for an objection and an accusation against Menon, that he never made love to any but old women.

    The Essays of Montaigne, Complete | Michel de Montaigne
  • One of Menon's men, who was splitting wood, caught sight of Clearchus as he rode past, and aimed a blow at him with his axe.

    Anabasis | Xenophon