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[men-stroo-uh s, -struh s]
  1. pertaining to menstruation.
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Origin of menstruous

1375–1425; late Middle English: menstruating < Latin mēnstruus monthly; see menstruate, -ous
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Historical Examples

  • These are examples of the beneficent application of the menstruous energy.

    Balder The Beautiful, Vol. I.

    Sir James George Frazer

  • Menstruous is, 'having the catamenia;'( 79 ) and this last word is wanting, a frequent mode of definition in this book.

  • The miraculous virtue ascribed to menstruous blood is well illustrated in a story told by the Arab chronicler Tabari.

    Balder The Beautiful, Vol. I.

    Sir James George Frazer

  • Amongst the Maoris, if a man touched a menstruous woman, he would be taboo 'an inch thick.'

    Religion &amp; Sex

    Chapman Cohen

  • And that the menstruous blood is pure in itself, and of the same quality as that in the veins, is proved in two ways.

Word Origin and History for menstruous


1530s, from French menstrueus, from Latin *menstruosus, from menstruum, from menstruus (adj.) "monthly," from mensis "month" (see moon (n.)).

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